Rotary Club of Sugarcreek

Sugarcreek, Ohio

United Church of Christ of Sugarcreek Welcomes Rotarians with Open Arms 
The pandemic has changed many lives in both personal and professional arenas.  In 2020, Rotary ceased having face-to-face meetings.  All meetings were held either on phone or through virtual distance on Zoom or MyTeams.  Dutch Valley hosted the Sugarcreek Rotary Club for over twenty-five years.  Unfortunately, they can no longer support our club meetings and guest speakers due to the lack of labor.  
We must have our guest speakers in order to grow our club membership and our brand. 
We had many discussions on how to utilize the Belden Community Center for our weekly meetings.  Fall sports will be happening soon and practices will interfere with the club's meetings. 
We contacted Pastor Earl Rogers of the United Church of Christ in Sugarcreek.  He met with his leaders and they welcome us with open arms.  We will begin meeting at the new location on Tuesday, August 3rd when we have our first guest speaker, Percy Garner from The Rainbow Connection. 
Please check out our website's home page for listings of guest speakers and upcoming fundraisers.