Rotary Club of Sugarcreek

Sugarcreek, Ohio

Time for Change - Time for New Generations! 
Here goes to the fourth time serving as President of our club.  Thank you to all who had encouraged me to take another term.
This is a time for change and as we step into a new term this July, we are faced with many new changes that have affected both our personal and business lives.
Last year was not ideal in having club attendance counted.  Most of us were working from home or sheltered in home to stay safe and follow state and local
guidelines.   So here we are….moving forward into the Seventh month of the year 2021. 
The motto “Serve to Change Lives” resonates with me both personally and professionally.  Personally, because now more than ever is the time to bring the new generation into our club. 
The new generation of professionals are not only about “serving to change lives” but they are also concerned about sustainability.  Sustainability is not only about our natural resources, but also about keeping employees happy, engaged and empowered.  
Companies have learned through this season of change how important it is to keep their employees safe, happy and empowered to step forward on making changes that make a positive impact on a person’s life and our planet.  In addition, I see our new generation’s desire to want to make a positive impact in their community.   They grew up here, attended church and school, played sports, and continue to keep in contact with us.  They are influential leaders because they are social people who care.  They care so passionately about making a difference!  
We have four new generation professionals joining our club this month.  Drexel Weber II, Taylor Weber, Joe Warkall, and Stephanie Viscounte.  Let’s make it a point to reach out to them individually and offer our guidance and encouragement to be the leaders in our club that will bring exponential growth in members and service programs for our community.  Let’s bring the leaders of our community to our club (or to their facility) for our Leadership Series.
We have a lot do this year to keep the budget in check.  We have our upcoming Health Screen/Pancake Day on September 3rd.  We will also be planning fundraisers that will be a golf outing and event for the Tuscarawas County Humane Society.  Let’s keep the momentum going with passion for “serving to change lives”.
Yours Truly,
Wanda Angel
President - Terms 2021 - 2022
Sugarcreek Rotary Club
PO Box 522
Sugarcreek, OH  44681