Rotary Club of Sugarcreek

Sugarcreek, Ohio

Annual Sugarcreek Rotary Pancake Fundraiser - Serving to Change Lives!
Members of the Sugarcreek Rotary Club have taken to heart this year's theme of "Serve to Change Lives".  Every year club members are determined to find ways to impact the Sugarcreek community.  We are excited to announce we have partnered with UH Mobile Meals to provide pancake meals to those in need proved by sponsors of area Sugarcreek businesses.  Area businesses have already sponsored 65 meals to Mobile Meals giving their clients a free pancake meal on Friday, March 25th. 
If a business wishes to sponsor meals to an organization of their choice, we are more than happy to provide the meals for their own "Serve to Change Lives" call to action. 
For more information on how to donate, please contact a Sugarcreek Rotary member or President Wanda Angel at 330.407.1926 or email her at:
See you on March 25th!   
Let's serve some delicious buttermilk pancakes!